“There is no passion to be found in playing small - in settling for a life that is less than you are capable of living”
nelson mandela

Career Development Coaching

Is this the right service for me?

Our Career Development coaching service is for people wishing to enhance development within their present job, career or business.
This service could be right for you if:
  • You are in right sector but feel out of your depth or swimming in too shallow waters
  • You have experienced a significant change in your role at work
  • You are transitioning to a management or leadership position
  • You want to improve your work relationships
  • You want to improve your work-life balance
  • You are an MBA graduate who is exploring the best way to apply their degree within their existing career or considering a change

How can we help?

Your career develops and evolves, just like you change over the years. The key is to ensure that you are still aligned with the demands of your changing roles.

Our career consultants' experience in both, organisational consulting and career coaching, makes us ideally placed to explore with you the challenges and opportunities you are facing on your career journey. We have extensive experience working with whole organisations, as well individuals and have developed a 'whole-system' view and a methodology to exploring the pressures and requirements associated with various roles, as well as the organisational context within which you are operating.

What is our approach?

Our focus with this service is helping you achieve your full potential by working through what is required for your progression to a new role or to develop more fully in your present role. An experienced career consultant will work with you on managing your work relations and career planning, ensuring you have a vision for the future that enhances your authenticity at work. Together we set goals for your development and work out steps to achieving them.

Our unique four-step process examines what has satisfied you so far, where you are heading and what the organisation expects from you. In some cases there may be a mis-alignment between your what gives you fulfilment against what the pressures around you are pushing you towards. In these cases an experienced career consultant will help you to Resolve the tension by revising with you your vision for your future and the steps on the way to achieving it.

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Whatever emerges in the consultations is strictly confidential. Where a third party is paying for an individual’s consultations (such as an employer or parent) any feedback communication is discussed with the client and agreed before it may be given.