A Diverse Team With
A Wealth of Experience

Careers in Depth, previously known as the Tavistock Career & Educational Counselling (TCEC) service, was founded in 1952   by Harold Bridger and his associates. They pioneered the application of in depth psychology and organisational behaviour theory to business and career development. TCEC re-branded as Careers in Depth in 2003 and continues to operate as a not-for-profit entity helping to provide its unique bespoke and transformative services to those who need it. 

Our history with the Tavistock Institute and mission has shaped the way that we work and given us the opportunity to engage with individuals of all ages, levels of seniority, career sectors and backgrounds and to apply our methodology to a wide range of career issues.

From creating and implementing career programmes at top universities like CASS Business School, Intl Hellenic University (IHU) to working with General Practitioners to prepare them for active retirement, consulting big companies on managing redundancy programs to working with the unemployed and school children, our career consultants thrive on the variety of the career dilemmas we encounter and on the opportunity to provide help where it is most needed. 

Our clients, in turn, appreciate us for our professionalism, values, confidentiality and the in-depth way in which we approach each and every career issue - an approach rooted in the Tavistock tradition. Most of our clients leave our sessions with a tangible action plan underpinned by a better understanding of themselves and their relationship to the world of work, which is the greatest reward we can ask for.

We are a team of organisational and career consultants each of whom has more than 20 years’ experience in these fields. As a service Careers in Depth has been helping people find fulfilment and passion at work since 1952.

Our service was founded in 1952 as the Tavistock Career & Educational Consultation service (TCEC). Our founders, Harold Bridger and his associates, pioneered the application of psychological principles and organisational behaviour theory to business and career development. TCEC re-launched as Careers in Depth in 2003 and continues to operate as a not-for-profit entity helping to provide its unique bespoke and transformative services to those who need it.

Our consultants are all trained to work in-depth with both individuals and organisations and continue to develop the methodology created by the TCEC. In addition to this unifying approach each consultant draws from their own unique practice and specialisation, which helps to enrich the consultation process and allows us to tailor the service to the specific situation at hand.

Our backgrounds and expertise are very different but what unites us is our mission to bring about fulfilment and passion at work to our clients and to provide these services to those who need it at an affordable cost.

See below for some information on our consultants. Careers in Depth draws on the expertise of a wider team of specialist consultants whom we call on when required to ensure we are able to address the diverse needs of our clients in a bespoke way.

Errica Moustaki - Managing Director & Consultant

Errica works with individuals’ career issues as well as being a Leadership Development Consultant to some of the world’s top companies. She believes that the work she does with individuals at Careers in Depth creates a strong foundation from which the leaders of tomorrow could grow and is passionate about working with people at every stage of their career.

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William Halton - Consultant

William is an Executive Coach, Career and Organisational Consultant with over twenty-five years’ experience. His approach is based on an appreciation of the complexity of organisational life as the context for helping clients resolve issues and achieve their full potential. He is attentive to the interplay between personal goals and external circumstances that influence career choices.

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Stewart Beever- Consultant

Stewart is a Career Coach, Coach and Organisational Consultant with over twenty five years' experience talking to people about their work and work relationships. He combines an exploration of conscious choices with what may be going on beneath the surface in the unconscious. His consulting work focuses on career choice and development, and career ‘stuckness’. In addition he has over twenty years’ experience in training and supervising career counsellors and coaches.

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Jina Barrett - Consultant

Jina is an organisational and career development consultant with a particular interest in the relationship of individuals to their work, and the influence of the workplace setting on that relationship. She has extensive experience working with individuals on role consultation and executive coaching, as well as working with groups on team and organisational development, particularly in healthcare and social care organisations.

Petros Oratis - Associate Consultant

Petros is a seasoned executive coach, C-suite team coach and organisation development consultant. He partners with executive leaders and teams in the midst of transformation, uncertainty or leadership transitions. Petros has found that intense career moments provide the opportunity to re-purpose leadership, build on core values and take control over counter-productive patterns. His core belief is that all leaders and teams have the capacity to grow more quickly than their organisation’s challenges.

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Process & Fees

We believe one size does not fit all and we determine a bespoke approach from a variety of tools at our disposal to best serve each client. Therefore the service you receive is tailor-made and the timing and content of consultations responds to your specific requirements and pace. 

You will have an opportunity between consultations to undertake guided work to maximise the value of your meetings with the consultant. This ‘home-work’ is an essential part of the process. In addition we provide access to a number of specialist tools to help you with your exploration and offer email and phone support between consultations to provide a support framework. Due to the bespoke nature of our service we do not provide standardised pricing packages. If you would like an idea of what a typical process and cost looks like please click on the link below. 

We are a not-for-profit service therefore part of our mission is to provide services to as many as possible of those who need it and reduced fees can be arranged in certain circumstances, e.g. for self-funded unemployed or students.
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