A bespoke approach,
a unique methodology.

  • Begin the process by articulating where you are now and where you desire to be (if relevant).
  • Explore with your career consultant your issue in the context of your education and/or work history
  • Identify your career goals.

  • Discern and identify with your career consultant the talents that come most naturally to you, revisit your dreams and aspirations
  • Begin to understand the relationship between what drives and energises you and the type of work that could help you to express this on a daily basis. 
  • Devise a list of criteria that your work needs to consist of and fulfil.
  • If they exist, we identify any blocks that prevent you from aligning your work self with your experience of your 'true' self.

  • Figure out with your career consultant how to overcome any impediments or blocks to your progress. 
  • We apply our methodology to facilitate a process to help you stop unwanted habituary responses to work situations through increased self-awareness.
  • New energy is released by the Resolve process above to provide a springboard for unleashing untapped potential.
  • Consider options with your career consultant and decide on the next moves that will enhance your authenticity at work.

  • Act on the results of the previous stages by devising an actionable plan on how to realise your potential and achieve your career goals.
  • Be accompanied by your career consultant with the implementation stage of your plan.
  • If needed in the longer term use our support services on an ad hoc basis should you reqiure additional support on your career journey.

Core to this process is the 'home-work' that you do in between each session. Each process stage is an in-depth look at yourself and is underpinned by the exploration that you do through your home-work and the actual experience this provides, ensuring continuity of the process and bringing about more sustainable results. You are accompanied on this process of discovery and decision making by an experienced career consultant but the journey is your own.

What makes us different?

We combine in-depth psychology with practical goal-oriented career coaching.
Our career consultants' expertise in facilitating and understanding of human development allows us, as and when relevant, to identify deeper patterns in behaviours and mindsets that lead to an improved understanding of what drives and motivates you. Not all of our clients require the in-depth work but for some it is an essential part of the process (the Resolve Stage) which must take place before we can proceed to refine your career goals and identify the milestones on the way to achieving them.

We provide a bespoke one-to-one service
Each situation is different so we do not offer a one-size-fits-all solution. Our services are based around the more common career themes but there are also various different work related situations that fall outside of this which we are able to explore. We always offer a free preliminary consultation with an experienced career consultant over the phone to make sure that we are the right people to help you with your query, whatever it may be. We believe continuity and an in-depth process is essential which is why you will always have a dedicated career consultant who will work with you from start to finish.

We work on the place where your work self and your inner self meet.
This methodology can be thought of as a particular lens through which we gain insight about your work life and career. Our career consultants are interested in the constantly changing and dynamic relationship between your skills, interests, values, motivations, current work context and the influences of your background

We are here to facilitate a process in which you are the decision maker and you reach all the conclusions that ring true to you. Your career consultant's role is to explore options with you but not to direct you to a specific career choice; it would be outside our values to do so. Our role is to help you change the way you look at things and help you to get to a place where you are able to make sound decisions based on your true motivations and a greater self-awareness. This is why a major part of the process is the ‘homework’ that you will do in between your sessions, encouraging you to create your own transformation, never to be dictated by anyone else.

Strengths - based exploration
Our process is designed to help you to focus on your unique interests, core values and motivations and your particular talents and abilities. Often these are not obvious to our clients, particularly during periods of change or when you are unhappy in your job. Your career consultant will focus on leveraging on your strengths -(the "Energisers”) and developing these rather than improving your weaknesses (the "Drainers"). We specialise in exploring and maximising the use of capacities you already have and in helping you to see things differently.

Appropriate use of testing and in-depth discussion
We use tests as part of our process to help evaluate your interests, skills, values, preferred work styles, abilities and behaviours. Tests can often be useful to help clarify and refine your understanding at the decision making stage, but we view them only as a platform for opening an in-depth conversation, not as an end in itself. It is through these conversations that our career consultants, who are skilled listeners, can identify “under the surface” connections, which would not easily be discovered through a test, no matter how sophisticated.