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“People underestimate their capacity for change. There is never a right time to do a difficult thing."

Career Change

Is this the right service for me?

Our Career Change service is for anyone wishing to explore a new direction in their working life. 
This service could be right for you if:
  • You already have a career but would like a change
  • You are 30, 40, 50 or any age in between and mid way through your career
  • You don't know what you want but feel dissatisfied or uninspired in your current job
  • You have taken a break from work and are looking for a new challenge

How can we help?

Research shows that 47% of the UK workforce and nearly 66% of Millennials want to make a career change (1) but most do not do so because of the upheaval, uncertainty and the difficulty people have in really looking at themselves.

Each of our career consultants has more than 20 years’ experience each in helping people explore these issues in a safe and confidential space. Our career consultants are trained to help you manage the uncertainty, work through any obstacles to your taking on the challenge and to bring about lasting change from within.

What is our approach?

Authenticity is core to our approach. We believe that experience of authenticity occurs when your career is optimally aligned with your core values, interests and skills. While you can be good at your job without being authentic, you are unlikely to enjoy it and could experience negative responses like stress, boredom or a more vague sense of dissatisfaction. 

True sense of authenticity is impossible without self-awareness and we specialise in helping you with this in-depth exploration and then work with you to find options which would be a better fit with your natural inclinations. In some cases this means staying in your current sector but changing your role. In others, it may mean a complete change of career.

Our unique four-step methodology works to bring about increased self-awareness, identification of anything that may ‘block’ your and a practical, results-oriented plan to take you where you want to go, with the support of an experienced career consultant.

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Whatever emerges in the consultations is strictly confidential. Where a third party is paying for an individual’s consultations (such as an employer or parent) any feedback communication is discussed with the client and agreed before it may be given.