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Common Fears of Career Change and How to Overcome Them
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Career Change
Common Fears of Career Change and How to Overcome Them
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Are you considering changing careers but hesitating to go for it because you’re afraid? If you have experienced any of these signs, it may be time to think seriously about changing your career and facing your fears head-on.

Common fears of career change

Any big change in life is usually accompanied by an element of fear. Even changing jobs in the same field can seem pretty scary and many people find themselves stuck in a job they hate but feel like they can’t leave.  Deciding to pursue a different career is a major life change that is likely to come with some roadblocks and fears. Here are a few possible reasons you may be feeling afraid:

Fear of failure

It’s a daunting thought to imagine moving into a new career only to find you are no good at it. Perhaps you are worried that you aren’t able to learn quickly enough or that you won’t have the competency to fulfil the responsibilities of your new role.

Remember that feeling out of your comfort zone in any new position is often part of the process while you find your feet.

Fear of what others think

You may be worried about what people around you may think if you change your career after already working in another career for years? Will your friends and family may meet your decision with concern or disapproval? Will future employers and colleagues think strangely of your choice to pursue a new career?

Fear of losing progress

Do you worry that you are letting goof everything you have worked so hard for in your current career? You’re likely to have racked up some invaluable experience, established meaningful and beneficial relationships and even climbed some way up the ladder in your current sector. It makes sense that you wouldn’t want to lose this progress!

Fear of making the wrong choice

Another common fear of career change is that of regret and making the wrong choice. Perhaps you’re afraid of taking the leap and realising you don’t like it and miss your previous path, or you’re scared that you aren’t making the right career change and will want to later do something else.

How to overcome your career change fears

Even though the list above is filled with possible reasons you may fear career change, there are ways to overcome these drawbacks and pursue a path that is aligned with your dreams.

If you’re dying to make a change in your career but are afraid to take the leap, here are some steps you can take to help overcome your fears:

Know that fear is normal

Fearing change is a normal part of people’s psychological behaviour. It is only natural that you have your reservations and feel anxious about the uncertainty of leaving what you know. Although all of your fears are likely valid and reasonable, it is unlikely that they cannot be overcome, and a plan made around them. The first step is to acknowledge each of your fears.

Explore the fear

Take some time to reflect on each of your concerns around changing careers. Understanding why you are scared will make it easier for you to address your doubts. Explore each of your fears in more detail by asking yourself questions about the risks involved, what the worst-case scenarios are, what you can do to lower the potential risk and what problems you may face along the way.

Raise your self-awareness

Self-awareness is crucial for a successful career change. The more you know about your true self, what drives you and what you want out of your career, the more courage and motivation you will have to pursue that alignment in your professional life. By building yourself-awareness, you will have a clear vision on what resonates with your inner self and might feel brave enough to take a risk and pursue your passion.

Here are three questions to ask to raise your self-awareness for career change.

Do some research

It’s worth spending some time researching the career path you want to change to. Investigate the industry further. Take a look at the various positions that are currently available and what skills they require. Connect with someone who is in that career and ask them about their day to day work, the challenges, the rewards and how they got to where they are. Knowing more about your desired career path will help ease some aspects of the uncertainty.

You can also do some research on career change to understand more about the process and what others have experienced. To start, here’s some insight on mistakes to avoid when changing careers.

Speak to a career consultant

Seeking professional counsel from an experienced career consultant can be of great help in overcoming your fears around career change.


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