From students to CEOs, we've helped people at all stages of their careers to develop and find meaningful work.

Our history with the Tavistock Institute and mission has shaped the way that we work and given us the opportunity to engage with individuals of all ages, levels of seniority, career sectors and backgrounds and to apply our methodology to a wide range of career issues.

From creating and implementing career programmes at top universities like CASS Business School, Intl Hellenic University (IHU) to working with General Practitioners to prepare them for active retirement, consulting big companies on managing redundancy programs to working with the unemployed and school children, our career consultants thrive on the variety of the career dilemmas we encounter and on the opportunity to provide help where it is most needed. 

Our clients, in turn, appreciate us for our professionalism, values, confidentiality and the in-depth way in which we approach each and every career issue - an approach rooted in the Tavistock tradition. Most of our clients leave our sessions with a tangible action plan underpinned by a better understanding of themselves and their relationship to the world of work, which is the greatest reward we can ask for.

“Thank you for supporting me and improving my life and
those I care for. Your skill, wisdom and humour combined have been superb”
Career Development Client
“Our sessions were incredibly helpful - they crystallised a lot of thinking that I'd never been able to articulate before. I'm enjoying my job at the moment - so far it feels natural, and fun.”
Career Change Client

Case Study 1 - Finding a deeper meaning

James started to dread going to his job as a lawyer and longed for a change. Careers in Depth helped him to identify why he became a lawyer in the first place and how he could turn his perceived weaknesses into strengths to find his purpose in a new more fulfilling career.

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Case Study 2 - Making a fresh start

Lauren did not know what to do when she failed her chemistry final exams at university. Careers in Depth helped her to reconnect with what she was always passionate about and to take the first steps down a new career path.

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Case Study 3 - Natural authority realised

Angela was overcome with anxiety when she was promoted into a leadership role, despite having all the necessary skills and experience for the new role. Careers in Depth helped her to identify and work through what was holding her back, paving the way for her to step up to the role.

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Case Study 4 - Opportunity arising from a crisis

When George, a very talented creative director, was made redundant he began to feel inadequate. Careers in Depth helped him look at the problem from a different angle and to seek a change of environment that would maximise the expressions of his considerable natural talents.

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